Today I was thining about why I started Eddie the Yeti

Today I was thinking about why I started this business, why I wrote a kids book, and what I hope to gain from all the effort that's going into this project. When it comes down to it, at it's core, my hope is that Eddie the Yeti is...

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Eddie the Yeti is Minnesota Bound!

Eddie the Yeti is Minnesota bound! I'm heading to Worthington, MN January 29th-30th for the mite jamboree hockey tournament. Hope to see you there!

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Welcome to Eddie the Yeti

Welcome to Eddie the Yeti. The newest hockey role model for young players ages 10 and under. The primary focus of Eddie the Yeti is to produce children’s hockey books that demonstrate the core values of what it means to be a hockey player. SPORTSMANSHIP, HARD WORK AND...

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